Blount Law handles all aspects of litigation including pre-suit negotiations, filing the suits, trial and any necessary appeals. When involved in any type of litigation, the Blount Law team always focuses in achieving ‘real results’ rather than just getting through the process. Our goal is to maximize the net return for our clients when they are the Plaintiff, and minimize any net loss when our clients are the Defendant.

An uncollectible judgment after expending significant legal fees is not a ‘win’ nor is a defense verdict at the expense of an attorney’s invoice for double the amount claimed by your opponent. It’s all about the results! With this in mind, Blount Law handles all types of litigation matters including the following:

  • Business & Commercial Disputes
  • Contract Disputes
  • Real Estate Disputes
  • Employment Disputes
  • Breach of Non-Compete Issues
  • Breach of Confidentiality Agreements
  • Negligence
  • Construction Litigation
  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes
  • Insurance Disputes
  • General Civil Litigation

Of course, we can handle any other type of litigation you may need. The above list are just some of the more common issues that local businesses tend to face.

Whether you find yourself or your business considering pursuing legal action against another party, or you are worried that another party may pursue you, it is not something you will want to deal with on your own. Litigation is a complex process, which is why you will want to have a skilled and experienced legal team fighting with you. We know all the procedures, strategies and tactics to help ensure your business gets through this process quickly and cleanly.

Whenever involved in legal disputes, the old maxim holds true: “It is rarely what you know that hurts you, but what you don’t know.”

When you work with us, your case will be personally handled by Steven Blount, not passed down the chain of command to the least experienced attorney in some mega-firm. Your calls will always be promptly returned and you’ll be treated with the respect you deserve. Customer satisfaction is always our goal, so call today for a free consultation about your case.