General Counsel

Blount Law, PL can provide you with high quality general counsel to help with a variety of legal needs for your business. General Counsel is generally defined as “A lawyer or law firm that represents a client in all or most of the client’s legal matters, but that sometimes refers extraordinary matters – such as intellectual property or securities law – to other lawyers of a particular expertise.”

Our qualified attorneys have a significant amount of experience assisting small businesses in Florida. This allows us to bring our legal insights and advice to your business to help ensure you comply with all laws and regulations as well as avoid costly litigation which allows you and your team to focus your efforts on operating and growing your business.

The following chart lists the types of general counsel packages we have available, and the variety of legal services we provides to small business owners like you.

Service Basic Basic Plus Executive Concierge
Initial Consultation to learn about your business and which business structure fits your needs. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Determination of name availability Yes Yes Yes Yes
Preparation of new or review of existing Corporation Formation Documents, including: Articles of Incorporation/Formation Initial Resolutions-Standard Bylaws-Initial Meeting Minutes Stockholder Certificates Obtaining EIN Yes Yes Yes Yes
Registered Agent Services, including receipt and forwarding of all legal process Yes Yes Yes Yes
Consultation on structure for expansion, reformation or reorganizations at no charge. Reduced Rate Yes Yes Yes
Phone consultation to answer basic questions. Regular Rate Yes Yes Yes
Assistance in obtaining legal services of particular expertise outside of the services offered by Blount law PL. Regular Rate Yes Yes Yes
Receipt of periodic Blount Law, PL Newsletter Yes Yes Yes Yes
Annual Consultation regarding the direction and growth plans for your business to ensure anticipation of organizational issues and potential liability “risk points.” Regular Rate Yes Yes Yes
Basic Contract review and analysis of “form” or recurring type contracts. Regular Rate Yes Yes Yes
Lease review and analysis to identify, calendar and provide reminders on key dates for renewal or termination. Regular Rate Regular Rate Yes Yes
Pre-scheduled phone consultation to anticipate future legal issues and needs. Regular Rate Semi-Annual/Annual Quarterly/Semi-Annual Quarterly/Monthly
Comprehensive analysis of the legal health of your business, including a review of corporate structure, records, key contracts and policies designed to improve your risk profile while developing a deep understanding of your business. Regular Rate Regular Rate Yes Yes
Basic Representation of one (1) related entity at no additional charge. N/A N/A Yes Yes
Basic “form” contract drafting of recurring type contracts. Regular Rate Regular Rate Yes Yes
Workforce management assistance including decisions regarding hiring, disciplining or terminating individual employees. Regular Rate Regular Rate Yes Yes
Attendance at key management meetings to identify legal issues and to provide counsel to your management team in “real time.” Regular Rate Regular Rate Preffered Hourly or Flate Rate Yes
Specific Non-Recurring type contract drafting, review and interpretation. Regular Rate Regular Rate Preferred Hourly or Flat Rate Yes
Contract negotiations: review of requested changes to standard contract forms and consultation with your business team as they negotiate contracts and agreements with your vendors/suppliers and customers. Regular Rate Regular Rate Preferred Hourly or Flat Rate Yes
Periodic “legal audits” to ensure that the policies and procedures put in place to protect you from liability are being implemented properly by your employees and management team. Regular Rate Regular Rate Preferred Hourly or Flat Rate Yes
Management of outside counsel including identifying and retaining the right outside lawyers for your business needs, managing their activities and reviewing their bills and results obtained. (No one understands attorneys better than other attorneys. Regular Rate Regular Rate Preferred Hourly or Flat Rate Yes
Ongoing consultation on non-litigation matters for a specified number of hours per month with no additional hourly fee. Regular Rate Regular Rate Preferred Hourly or Flate Rate Yes
Limited Representation of agreed upon number of related entities at no additional charge. N/A N/A Regular Rate Yes
Discounted legal consultation and assistance for company employees on basic and non-litigation matters (with free preliminary consultations on litigation matters). Regular Rate Regular Rate Regular Rate Yes
Litigation representation, consultation and/or assistance. Regular Rate Regular Rate Preferred Hourly or Flat Rate Preferred Hourly or Flat Rate

Every Florida business owner will need competent legal advice from time to time. The best advice will always come from an attorney who knows you and understands your business, including your specific goals and objectives. Many large and successful business entities accomplish this by employing at least one full time attorney as general counsel to provide ongoing legal services and assist in particular legal issues. In some instances, businesses maintain an entire legal department with a team of attorneys and/or paralegals working under General Counsel to provide the services that are needed.

For small to medium sized businesses, however, it is not always economically possible to retain a full time attorney to act as General Counsel. Blount Law, PL, can provide your business with these services so that you have the legal help you need at every stage of your business growth, and all for a predictable and affordable rate billed monthly or annually.

We use a proactive and comprehensive approach to our General Counsel services that addresses both organizational and operational issues in any business. This approach often identifies issues our clients and their previous counsel may not have even considered. The result is a reduction of risk and an improvement of efficiency of operations that gives our clients a piece of mind as well as increased profits.

Our various General Counsel packages allow our clients to purchase services tailored to their specific needs. From the most basic of services to a full concierge level, we can provide it all. We can even create a custom package just for your business. Blount Law can provide any type of business with competent, efficient and affordable results. If you are interested in any of the above packages, or you have questions about them, please give us a call today.