Don’t Tug On Superman’s Cape- When Passion Defines The Outcome of A Battle

You don’t tug on Superman’s Cape
You don’t spit into the wind
You don’t pull the mask off that old lone ranger
And you don’t mess around with Jim.

Has anyone ever quoted these lyrics to you at a time when you had emerged victorious from a difficult battle? The old song, “You don’t mess around with Jim,” by Jim Croce, is often recalled at times like these to describe a very tough person.  However, a complete review of the lyrics of the song make it clear that Jim is only the hero for a limited time.  Eventually, a bigger, badder version of Jim comes through town and knocks our hero off his pedestal. Only the guy who eventually beats old Jim is a guy named Slim who is smaller but smarter than his adversary.  The lyrics of the song go on to suggest that Jim tricked Slim and stole his money, and Slim was coming back to retrieve it, despite everyone warning him not to mess around with this big beast of a pool shark.  It wasn’t a bigger, stronger man that removed Jim from his throne, but a smaller guy, who was impassioned to right a wrong. 
The internal motivation of a confrontation is the most important indicator of eventual victory.  When a person has passion to correct injustice, to right a perceived wrong, not even Big Jim can stop them.  When confronted with a legal issue that results in litigation, this concept remains true.  When a client is passionate about correcting injustice, they will stop at nothing to achieve it.  Even more important still is an attorney who is equally as passionate about the cause.  When a litigator is passionate about protecting the violated rights of his client, he becomes almost invincible.    A Courtroom battle is not won by the biggest or smartest attorney.  These battles are never won because the law firm had the most recent technology or the most expensive, centrally located office space.  Litigation battles are won by attorneys who believe that their clients deserve an opportunity at justice.  The best litigators are those who are not only experienced, but who also believe that while the tides are always changing, the cause remains static.  Successful litigators are attorneys who are passionate about defending what is right and correcting wrongs. This passion often protects the underdog when injustice insists that he tug on superman’s cape, or unmask the old lone ranger. 

It is this passion that fuels the attorneys at Blount Law.  Our clients become our family, and when they need help, we are poised and ready to fight for what is fair and right.  If you are considering litigation, or have been sued, contact the attorneys at Blount Law.

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Written by blountlaw