What is Your Brand Saying About You?

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not around.” Joseph Michelli, Ph.D. Back in 1975, a hardworking mechanic decided to start his own business. He was a young, enterprising person who worked diligently. After he had been repairing industrial equipment for a dealer for a few years, he was anticipating a promotion. When the son of the owner of the dealership came home from college, he was awarded the Read More

Is Price Really That Important to Your Customers?

A local barber had been giving haircuts, trimming beards and sideburns for 20 years in the same small town.  One day, he noticed a red, white and blue striped barber’s pole going up across the street.  Soon, a sign was placed in the window across the street advertising five dollar haircuts.  Feeling much distress over his competitors low price, the old barber called his daughter, who was studying for her marketing Read More

The New Networking: What Works for Business Owners

Today’s small business owners are busier than ever. For a variety of reasons, these entrepreneurs begin and end each day feeling like they are at least two hours behind in unchecked emails and unreturned phone messages. Regardless of the cause of increased demands on time, the results are the same: business owners today place a premium on their time, thus proving the age-old adage, “time is money,” true. Because of Read More

The Business of Selling

At Blount Law, we assist a variety of businesses and business owners in solving their problems every day. We represent a broad range of clients throughout many different industries. The issues that they bring to us are always different, and every single one, as unique as a fingerprint, must be assessed and handled in very specific ways. There are very few things that are consistent across ALL industries, and I am Read More