Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later

In the mid-seventies, Fram oil filters became well-known due an intelligent ad campaign that featured the slogan, "You can pay me now, or pay me later." In the witty and memorable commercials, the mechanic would warn automobile owners to consider investing a small amount of money into a new oil filter now, as opposed to replacing an entire engine later. Many times in business, we encounter similar situations that Read More

Be “In the Know” About Your Business

Readers of The Naples Daily News are familiar with writer Tim Aten and his column, “In the Know.”  One of the most popular pieces that Mr. Aten writes is his annual tabulation of restaurant closings.  This year’s article lists the many restaurants that have closed their doors during 2016 and the various reasons that the owners decided to shut down their business. When reviewing the article from the perspective of a Read More

Preparing your Business for a Hurricane

In Florida, most residents are familiar with Hurricane Season. Every summer, very conscientious Floridians prepare their hurricane supplies at the beginning of the season, going over their checklist thoroughly to be sure that they are prepared for the possibility of a big storm making landfall. Other residents wait until a storm is rapidly approaching and the news becomes saturated with forecast updates. Still Read More