Is the Customer Always Right?

Is the customer always right?  Customer service in the airline industry has recently taken a beating. It has been impossible to turn on the television or surf social media sites lately without coming across the now infamous video of a seemingly unconscious physician being dragged off a United Airlines jet by guards. This public relations nightmare for United Airlines could have been easily avoided if the airline Read More

Beyond Job Descriptions: Employee Acquisition and Retention

Blount Law primarily represents business owners in the southwest Florida region.  Since we represent business people during the normal course of business as well as during stressful litigation, we gain a valuable understanding of how they address the routine problems that all business owners experience as well as challenges that are unique to their businesses.  We frequently visit our clients on-site to get a feel Read More

What is Your Brand Saying About You?

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not around.” Joseph Michelli, Ph.D. Back in 1975, a hardworking mechanic decided to start his own business. He was a young, enterprising person who worked diligently. After he had been repairing industrial equipment for a dealer for a few years, he was anticipating a promotion. When the son of the owner of the dealership came home from college, he was awarded the Read More

Be “In the Know” About Your Business

Readers of The Naples Daily News are familiar with writer Tim Aten and his column, “In the Know.”  One of the most popular pieces that Mr. Aten writes is his annual tabulation of restaurant closings.  This year’s article lists the many restaurants that have closed their doors during 2016 and the various reasons that the owners decided to shut down their business. When reviewing the article from the perspective of a Read More

Is Price Really That Important to Your Customers?

A local barber had been giving haircuts, trimming beards and sideburns for 20 years in the same small town.  One day, he noticed a red, white and blue striped barber’s pole going up across the street.  Soon, a sign was placed in the window across the street advertising five dollar haircuts.  Feeling much distress over his competitors low price, the old barber called his daughter, who was studying for her marketing Read More

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats- Stay Afloat In A Changing Economy

Today’s political climate has produced some interesting discussion topics and even more interesting candidates.  Regardless of the result, this month’s election will definitely be historic.  Many economists are predicting that either presidential candidate will likely bring more strain on one or more segments of the population.  Business owners around the country are speculating not on whether this election will Read More

Hiring Professionals to Help My Business

One common issue that repeats itself in consultations at our law firm is that of the unlicensed professional.  More times than we are comfortable with, we will meet a potential client for an initial consultation, and we will hear the story of how they met and hired a professional for a large job and gave them a large sum of money, only to have the job remain, for the most part, incomplete.  After only a few minutes Read More

How do you choose your client: Choosing Quality Over Quantity

At our law firm, I attend all initial client consultations with the managing member of our firm, Steven Blount.  I try to take notes on non-legal details like partner’s names, addresses and other administrative items that may assist the attorneys in serving the client.  As the potential clients discuss the issues in their business that brought them into our office, I am reminded of how many common themes present Read More

The New Networking: What Works for Business Owners

Today’s small business owners are busier than ever. For a variety of reasons, these entrepreneurs begin and end each day feeling like they are at least two hours behind in unchecked emails and unreturned phone messages. Regardless of the cause of increased demands on time, the results are the same: business owners today place a premium on their time, thus proving the age-old adage, “time is money,” true. Because of Read More

Being the Turtle in Business

By Julie Joiner Last week at dinner with my children, I asked them what I should write an article about. After much thought, my middle child, Jacob said, “Turtles, you should write about turtles.” We all kind of laughed, but Jacob is a thoughtful little boy, so I didn’t immediately dismiss his comment. I thought about how turtles relate to the business world. Not even a day later, I observed a situation that Read More

The Business of Selling

At Blount Law, we assist a variety of businesses and business owners in solving their problems every day. We represent a broad range of clients throughout many different industries. The issues that they bring to us are always different, and every single one, as unique as a fingerprint, must be assessed and handled in very specific ways. There are very few things that are consistent across ALL industries, and I am Read More

7 Ways a Business Attorney Can Help Make Your Company More Profitable

One of the most beautiful aspects of running a business is that there are always ways to make your company more profitable. However, when most business owners brainstorm ways to increase their profits, one of the last things on their mind is spending money to hire a business attorney. Nonetheless, the truth is that having skilled and knowledgeable legal counsel may be one of the most important keys to boosting Read More

Four Essential Elements of an Asset Purchase Agreement

As a Florida entrepreneur, one of the most efficient ways to expand your business is to purchase another already existing business. There are two ways you can go about doing this: you can either purchase the assets of a company or buy the company itself through the purchase of its shares. As a buyer in Florida, you will almost always want to purchase the assets since doing so will generally prevent you from having Read More

The Business of Change

Sometimes, the busy hum of the holiday season causes us to forget the exciting opportunity that a new year can bring. When January comes, not one of us is immune to the almost primal urge to make a pledge to renew our commitment to good health. Many people flock to gyms during the first week of January, resolute in their vows to stay healthy and fit for the New Year, only to give up over a feast of champagne and Read More

3 Misconceptions about Hiring General Counsel for Your Business

At some point or another, nearly every business person will need competent legal advice. You may be faced with an unexpected lawsuit, you may need help developing contracts that will protect your interests, or you may simply need legal advice about your employment, regulatory, or other business practices. Business law is a complex field, and far too many owners find themselves floundering as they attempt to handle Read More