The Bright Side of Hurricanes

While Hurricane Irma brought devastating winds and damage to the Southwest Florida community and beyond, a bright side to the grey clouds was revealed. Shortly after the storm passed, neighbors came together to help one another in clean up and recovery efforts in a way that only these difficult events can. In my neighborhood, it became clear that each resident had some much-needed talent, skill, knowledge or resource that he or she made available to others in their time of need. The neighborhood “MacGyver” wired and repaired generators, built systems for transferring fuel from boats to generators when no gas was available, and always had that special tool that was needed to fix a crucial piece of equipment. Our neighborhood “Ass-Buster” somehow had a never-ending supply of energy and motivation that enabled himself and others to keep working, even with stifling heat and persistent exhaustion. “Sparky” was willing to give up precious fuel when his neighbors were in need. For my part, I volunteered to keep my generator wired to an ice maker, doing my best to keep the entire neighborhood supplied with ice when everyone was without power.

My neighbors and I are closer today and surely closer than we ever would have been without going through this together. Thank you to “MacGyver,” “Ass-Buster,” “Sparky,” and all my other neighbors (and yours). Thanks to even my neighbor who wasn’t there, but whose pool was clean enough to use occasionally to cool off. You are all great friends and neighbors. We have a bond that was not there before the storm, and I for one, plan to do my part to keep our new bond intact. Even when there is no storm in sight.

This is the bright side of hurricanes. Can you see it? Now that the power is restored and our windows and doors are closed, I hope that our newly formed bond will continue to grow.

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Written by blountlaw