Is Your Restaurant Business a Recipe for Success…or Disaster?

If you live and work in Southwest Florida, you are well aware of the seemingly exponential growth in commercial construction within the last several months. It seems like everywhere you turn, there is literally concrete proof that our local economy is rebounding. Nowhere does the growth seem more evident than the booming restaurant sector, with more than 40 restaurants opening or reopening their doors before spring Read More

A Step-By-Step Guide to Filing a Lawsuit, Part II

In our last blog we detailed the first four steps involved in filing a lawsuit, including establishing your goals and desired outcome, consulting with a litigation attorney, filing a complaint and requesting a summons, as well as the filing of the defendant’s answer to your complaint. For more information on these steps, click here to read Part I of this blog. In Part II of our step-by-step guide to filing a Read More

Preparing your Business for a Hurricane

In Florida, most residents are familiar with Hurricane Season. Every summer, very conscientious Floridians prepare their hurricane supplies at the beginning of the season, going over their checklist thoroughly to be sure that they are prepared for the possibility of a big storm making landfall. Other residents wait until a storm is rapidly approaching and the news becomes saturated with forecast updates. Still Read More

A Step-By-Step Guide to Filing a Lawsuit, Part I

Nobody wants to deal with litigation disputes in court. These battles are often time-consuming and expensive, but unfortunately, lawsuits are a part of business. Chances are, your company will have to deal with a lawsuit at some point or another, whether as the plaintiff or the defendant, and your best hope of achieving a positive outcome in such disputes is to understand the legal process and act accordingly. If Read More

7 Essential Components of a Strong Partnership Agreement

If you are entering into a partnership with someone to build a business, it is absolutely essential that you have a strong partnership agreement in place from the start. No matter how close you are with your partner, even if it is your spouse or a family member, there are certain things that need to be legally defined ahead of time. The consequences of an unclear or nonexistent partnership agreement could be dire Read More

What I Wish More Business Owners Would Do

As part of my job at Blount Law, PL, I interview potential clients prior to their first consultation. In that first phone call, I hear the stress, fear, and pain that this issue is causing in their voices. Sometimes the client is angry and enraged, and sometimes they are so distraught that they begin to cry as they tell me their story. No, my law firm does not specialize in family law, we specialize in business law, Read More

9 Steps You Can Take Right Now to Help Avoid Frivolous Lawsuits

Frivolous lawsuits are not only stressful and expensive, but they take business owners away from their main focus, which is running the business. Outlandish and unnecessary lawsuits can cause a massive drain on your finances and create a roadblock in your ability to achieve your goals. Many business owners believe that lawsuits are simply part of doing business, however, most lawsuits are preventable. Don’t wait Read More

3 Signs Your Company May Need A Business Lawyer

Lawyers can obviously help your business when it comes to things like litigation, but there are numerous other ways a good business lawyer could contribute to your company’s success. How do you know if utilizing legal counsel is right for your business? Check out our list of three signs that your company could use the help of experienced and dedicated business lawyers like those at Blount Law. 1. Your Read More

Business Entity Formation: LLC versus Corporation

When you incorporate, your business evolves from a sole proprietorship or partnership into its own legal entity. The new structure usually falls into one of two categories: a limited liability company (LLC) or a corporation. No matter which type you select, you will be protected from personal liability and enjoy greater credibility with customers and suppliers. Each incorporation type also has its own particular Read More

How to Hire a Lawyer for Your Business

If you’re going into business, you need an attorney on your team. That’s something a lot of people don’t realize in the beginning. They wait until they get sued before they start looking for legal representation, which is an expensive mistake. A business attorney on your professional team will help you avoid mistakes that could land you in court. What does a business attorney do? Lawyers who specialize in Read More

Restaurant Owners: Critical Issues That Must Be Defined in Your Vendor Agreements

Operating a successful restaurant requires you to deal with vendors on a regular basis. They provide you with food, beverages, equipment, linens, and other products you need to run your business – and it’s important that you have a legal agreement with them. These agreements establish clear expectations for each party and ensure that the relationship begins on solid legal footing. When establishing an agreement Read More

Attention Trade Business Owners: How to Protect Yourself Legally While Working with Subcontractors

When you are working with subcontractors on a large project, it’s important to set out the basics in advance. A well-prepared agreement will confirm the nature of the work, its timeline, and who is responsible for what, so that everyone’s interests are protected and there are no damaging miscommunications. To review, a general contractor is responsible for coordinating the project and guiding it to a successful Read More

Restaurant Owners: Are You Focused on Employee and Customer Safety?

Owning a restaurant is a notoriously difficult business, and there are unfortunately plenty of things that can go wrong. One of the most devastating situations that a restaurant owner can face is a lawsuit filed by a customer or an employee. That’s why it’s so important to focus on the safety of your employees and your customers… not only is it the right thing to do, but it can also dramatically reduce your risk of Read More

If You Run a Business, You’ll Probably Face a Lawsuit. So Be Prepared!

Owning your own business is a part of the American Dream for many people. There is nothing better than choosing your own hours and leaving a legacy for your children. But there are downsides to owning your own business, including the possibility of facing a lawsuit that you’re forced to defend. In fact, if you own your own business, you shouldn’t ask “if” you get sued, but “when.” The good news is that you can take Read More

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