Seasonal Residents Bring an Increase in Traffic Accidents- Are You Ready?

There are several changes that occur in Southwest Florida that signal the impending Holiday Season.  Unlike our northern friends, we do not look forward to changing or falling leaves, frost or snow.  Southwest Florida residents can tell that the holidays are coming when the daily rainstorms give way to lower humidity, fewer insects and the familiar sight of car carriers unloading the shiny white and silver sedans for Read More

The Bright Side of Hurricanes

While Hurricane Irma brought devastating winds and damage to the Southwest Florida community and beyond, a bright side to the grey clouds was revealed. Shortly after the storm passed, neighbors came together to help one another in clean up and recovery efforts in a way that only these difficult events can. In my neighborhood, it became clear that each resident had some much-needed talent, skill, knowledge or resource Read More

Filing an Insurance Claim After Storm Damage

As residents came out of their shuttered houses to survey the damage from the storm, they quickly realized that they would also need to navigate filing an insurance claim for damage caused by Hurricane Irma. Filing your insurance claim can be a daunting challenge, especially in the wake of a disaster that affected such a large geographic area. Insurance companies are being bombarded by calls, resulting in much longer Read More

Post Hurricane Irma Update

Dear Neighbors, Clients and Friends; On September 11, 2017, we all experienced a devastating natural disaster that has deeply impacted our community.  Hurricane Irma made landfall in Naples, Florida and skirted the West coast of Florida northward, causing widespread flooding, wind damage and power outages.  As we all work to repair the damage caused by this massive storm, please know that the Team at Blount Law, PL Read More

The Customer or the Investor? Who goes first?

What does history tell us about the obligation of a company to deliver profits to its investors as opposed to its obligation to satisfy its customer? Several months ago, United Airlines experienced a public relations nightmare when it mistreated one of its customers while forcibly removing him from an overbooked flight. Since then, many airlines have received bad press in the form of multiple customer complaints, Read More

Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later

In the mid-seventies, Fram oil filters became well-known due an intelligent ad campaign that featured the slogan, "You can pay me now, or pay me later." In the witty and memorable commercials, the mechanic would warn automobile owners to consider investing a small amount of money into a new oil filter now, as opposed to replacing an entire engine later. Many times in business, we encounter similar situations that Read More

Is the Customer Always Right?

Is the customer always right?  Customer service in the airline industry has recently taken a beating. It has been impossible to turn on the television or surf social media sites lately without coming across the now infamous video of a seemingly unconscious physician being dragged off a United Airlines jet by guards. This public relations nightmare for United Airlines could have been easily avoided if the airline Read More

Beyond Job Descriptions: Employee Acquisition and Retention

Blount Law primarily represents business owners in the southwest Florida region.  Since we represent business people during the normal course of business as well as during stressful litigation, we gain a valuable understanding of how they address the routine problems that all business owners experience as well as challenges that are unique to their businesses.  We frequently visit our clients on-site to get a feel Read More

What is Your Brand Saying About You?

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not around.” Joseph Michelli, Ph.D. Back in 1975, a hardworking mechanic decided to start his own business. He was a young, enterprising person who worked diligently. After he had been repairing industrial equipment for a dealer for a few years, he was anticipating a promotion. When the son of the owner of the dealership came home from college, he was awarded the Read More

Be “In the Know” About Your Business

Readers of The Naples Daily News are familiar with writer Tim Aten and his column, “In the Know.”  One of the most popular pieces that Mr. Aten writes is his annual tabulation of restaurant closings.  This year’s article lists the many restaurants that have closed their doors during 2016 and the various reasons that the owners decided to shut down their business. When reviewing the article from the perspective of a Read More

The Main Thing- How To Focus On Your Business Goals

“The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” Have you ever heard this statement before? It was made popular in the late 90’s by Stephen Covey, who was widely known for his successful book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” Even if you haven’t read the book, you’ve probably heard quotes from it. When he coined this poignant phrase, Harvard educated Covey was on to something, and even now, over Read More

Don’t Tug On Superman’s Cape- When Passion Defines The Outcome of A Battle

You don't tug on Superman's Cape You don't spit into the wind You don't pull the mask off that old lone ranger And you don't mess around with Jim. Has anyone ever quoted these lyrics to you at a time when you had emerged victorious from a difficult battle? The old song, “You don’t mess around with Jim,” by Jim Croce, is often recalled at times like these to describe a very tough person.  However, a complete Read More

Is Price Really That Important to Your Customers?

A local barber had been giving haircuts, trimming beards and sideburns for 20 years in the same small town.  One day, he noticed a red, white and blue striped barber’s pole going up across the street.  Soon, a sign was placed in the window across the street advertising five dollar haircuts.  Feeling much distress over his competitors low price, the old barber called his daughter, who was studying for her marketing Read More

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats- Stay Afloat In A Changing Economy

Today’s political climate has produced some interesting discussion topics and even more interesting candidates.  Regardless of the result, this month’s election will definitely be historic.  Many economists are predicting that either presidential candidate will likely bring more strain on one or more segments of the population.  Business owners around the country are speculating not on whether this election will Read More

Hiring Professionals to Help My Business

One common issue that repeats itself in consultations at our law firm is that of the unlicensed professional.  More times than we are comfortable with, we will meet a potential client for an initial consultation, and we will hear the story of how they met and hired a professional for a large job and gave them a large sum of money, only to have the job remain, for the most part, incomplete.  After only a few minutes Read More